Past and/or Future Grantee,

It has been an honor and privilege helping to continue the legacy of my late father, Richard H. Crosser, and the mission of my mother, Janet Crosser, by serving as the director of the Crosser Family Foundation for the past 16 years. Our family is dedicated to improving the lives of youth and their families in our communities by providing them with everyday needs and opportunity – setting them up for success, so they will grow to be healthy, responsible, active citizens in our community.

We, the board of directors of the Crosser Family Foundation, have decided to partner with the Hamilton County Community Foundation (formerly Legacy Fund) moving forward. We are excited about this partnership that will provide us access to numerous services, including an expertise in the needs of our community, which will allow us to focus even more on giving back to our community.

Our philanthropic advisor and point of contact at Hamilton County Community Foundation is Heather Woock, who can be reached via email at or phone at 317-631-6542 ext. 527. Janet Crosser, Craig Crosser, Christi Crosser, Scott Renner, and I will continue to partner will Heather by serving as directors and grant reviewers.

For future letter of inquiries and/or grant requests, you can find information on the Crosser Family Foundation on the Hamilton County Community Foundation website at under Funds and Foundations > Family Funds.

If you have any questions at all during this transitional time, please feel free to contact me directly at or 317-557-0826.


Carrie Renner
Crosser Family Foundation

Thomas J. Kilian Jr.
Hamilton County Community Foundation